Food Processing Knives, Food Slicer, Meat Slicer

We currently provide solutions for the bakery, dairy, cereal, cheese, confectionery, meat & seafood, snack, fruit, vegetable & salad and tobacco industries. We adhere to strict quality control procedures to ensure that common standards such as FDA and strict OEM requirements for corrosion resistance are consistently met, meaning a higher quality product for our customers, extended product life and consistently clean cuts.

At TGW, our great selection of straight and circular knife configurations with serrated or scalloped teeth and beveled edges ensures that we have products for every customer application. We manufacture precision ground machine knives for a variety of food processing applications, including:

• Guillotine knives
• Macerators
• Roll milled scraper blades
• Shredder blades

• Slicers
• Tenderizers
• Portioner blades
• Chopper blades

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COVID-19 Information

TGW Global remains operational and ready to assist, as we are considered an essential parts supplier to both the medical and food industries. Talk to us about what you need so we can help.  Contact your representative today:

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